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Certification of Sustainable Tourism (2/15/2017)

MidWorld is proud to announce another milestone in our company's history: to become the first theme park in the Manuel Antonio area to be certified as sustainable by the Costa Rican Tourism Board. One of our goals has always been to do our part to preserve the country's natural and cultural beauty, and we hope that this certification will serve as a mark of that continued dedication. A big thanks and congratulations to all of our team members who made this possible!                                      

Tourism Declaration (11/1/2016)

We are constantly striving to better our tours, and to provide the best experience possible for our visitors. Today, we hit a milestone in that goal, as we have been officially recognized by the Costa Rica Tourism Board. We couldn't be more proud of the work our team has done to achieve this, and look forward to finding new ways to offer high-quality adventures in the Manuel Antonio are

Expotur 2015 (5/30/2015)

MidWorld recently participated in Costa Rica's largest tourism convention, Expotur 2015. This annual fair seeks to bring together a variety of touristic products and services, with the purpose of providing a better overall perspective on Costa Rican tourism to travel agencies aiming to send their clients on vacation to the country.   

MidWorld Receives Tripadvisor's Hall of Fame Award (5/22/2015)

MidWorld is proud to receive Tripadvisor's Hall of Fame award, which recognizes businesses that have obtained a Certificate of Excellence five years in a row. We would like to thank all who have visited for five great years, and look forward to providing memorable experiences for years to come!

Scarlet Macaws take up Residence on MidWorld Property (3/15/2015)

Looks like we have a new family moving in! These scarlet macaws appear to have established a nest in a hollow tree (in previous years occupied by toucans) near one of our lines on the canopy tour. Macaws are not a common sight for the area, making this an especially exciting find. Hopefully we'll see some babies soon!

Online Promotion (1/23/2015)

MidWorld to Participate in CATM (12/9/2014)

On October 9-10, MidWorld will be participating in CATM, the Centro America Travel Market. This Expo, which brings together the countries of Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, and El Salvador, aims to invite travel agents from around the world, in order to promote Central America as a world-class travel destination. As a representative of Costa Rica, we are excited to be a part of this event, which will take place in San Jose.

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MidWorld on BBC One (11/1/2014)

MidWorld is proud to have been featured on an episode of Nature’s Miracle Orphans, which aired on BBC One on August 31, 2014. Described as a “pristine” rainforest, our property was selected as a potential home for Al, an orphaned anteater being rehabilitated by local wildlife rescue organization, Kids Saving the Rainforest.

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